First Flannel Raw Edge Quilt

Frayed Jewels Quilt FrontFrayed Jewels Quilt BackI decided to try out a raw edge piecing technique. I based the size of the squares on the width of my ruler to simplify cutting. I also decided to use a half inch seam allowance. I chose this size to cut down on the amount of fabric, but after seeing the completed quilt I am happy with the half inch seam allowance. It is still a nice snugly look, but it is not so ragged looking.

I also played around with the manipulation of the fabric in the dye to alter the look of the fabric. The more that I manipulated the fabric, the less white fabric I had and the less the fabric looked like tie-dye. When I was done I decided that I preferred my fabric to have no white in the finished color.

My sisters family needed a quilt that could stand up to a lot of use and minimal fuss. I created a fun raw edge quilt using hand-dyed flannels for the front and back. Bill created the pattern designs.

This quilt is made up of 21 different colors of cotton flannel fabric and is 50 x 70 inches.

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