Carol Duvall Experience

Bill and I had a great time in Hollywood.

On Sunday we arrived at the studio at 1:00 so that I could deliver my finished samples to my producer for Monday’s show taping. My producer was very nice and wonderfully enthusiastic about my projects. I then joined Bill outside in the 90+ degree tent to converse with the crafty ladies who were there to view the show. We got to wait until 3 before they were ready for us in the studio. Who knew that LA would have record temperatures as a bunch of crazy woman dressed in Holiday sweaters sat outside waiting for taping. OK. There were a few men, but not many. Sunday Bill was the lone male. Monday he had a couple for company.

Once we got inside, the air conditioning was appreciated by all, but even I was warm, and that is saying something. Bill picked out my outfits for the day. He decided that my “Home Made” jacket was better suited to an audience member. He must have been right, since at one point I think the camera’s gave me a close-up. We’ll have to see if that makes it into any of the clips.

We arrived at the studio on Monday at 9:30 am and I was whisked away to the air-conditioned studio. Bill was left to sit outside in the tent again to converse with the crafty ladies who were there to view the show. This, after doing the same thing the day before. What a trooper.

My day started with my producer and the other “Audience Show and Tell” guest. The Producer showed us to our dressing room, and then to our table where they had set up our projects. This is where we found out that our segment was to be 3 minutes. 1 1/2 minutes for each of us to describe our project. Of course 30 seconds or so is taken up by Carol for intro’s and wrap-ups. So, we each got our 1 minute of fame. 🙂

We then went over our wardrobe choices. We were to come dressed in our first choice with alternates in case they didn’t like what we chose or in case we looked like twins. Bill did a good job selecting as they didn’t even want to see my second choice. Then it was off to makeup. Here again, we were told to come in already made up. The makeup artist was happy with my makeup application and only did a few additions – extra blush and some darker eye liner. Then there was a discussion with the production managers. Seems our producer goofed up the order. I was supposed to be second, but she had me first, so all the production crew had to edit their scripts and let Carol know. She is such a pro, that nothing seems to faze her.

It’s 10:30 now, the Production Assistants (Art Crew) put the finishing touches on our displays and we head to the set for a dry run and to meet Carol for a “very little” small talk. She was great to work with. We get one more rehearsal for timing with Carol and they load the audience. The real taping began around noon. Taping went soothly.

Bill tells me the buzz around the studio is that I did a marvelous job and looked wonderful. He was getting the scoop while I was waiting for my Producer to get my Release. Somehow it got misplaced before the show, and everyone was so nice, I didn’t want her getting into trouble for me not signing it. Besides. I don’t think they would air it without the release.

Now it is just a wait and see. I am anxious to see if I look as harried on camera as I felt. Time will tell.

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