Spring Cleaning

I’m not sure what has happened to the studio, but it just doesn’t want to stay clean these days. Part of the problem is too much stuff and part is poor organization (at least I hope 🙂 ).

I taught a class last Monday and man was it a pain to try to get ready. I was digging things out from all over to find samples and supplies for class. The walk in closet has gotten so bad that you have to move things out of the way, just to walk in. That was the final straw, so Tuesday I took some before pictures and got to work. I haven’t made a lot of visible progress yet, but I think I have actually made some progress. My room is divided into two halves. I have what I call the wet half and the dry half. The wet half is for my painting, stamping, clay work and generally things that make a mess. My dry half is for sewing. Somehow my sewing side got short changed for space and it is overflowing. With that in mind, the spare refrigerator is getting moved to the wet side of the room so that other furniture can move around to more functional locations.

Last week I was able to move the refrigerator, reorganize the wet side and install a couple of shelves on the wet side. The shelves required a trip to the Container Store for Elfa components. They are a little more expensive that just hanging standards, but they are so flexible and easy to install that I think they are worth it. I do save some money by buying shelf boards from the home improvement store. I like the solid surface instead of the wire and then I can get any length I want. These shelves start with a horizontal bar that you install near the ceiling. I can actually level and install this by myself. Once that is installed you hang your vertical supports from it. Anywhere you need or want them. And if you want to change them, no problem. Just remove the shelves and move them around. I have them in all the closets except the master. That is only a matter of time.

I have relocated several items from the closet to the new shelves on the wet side, so now it is time to get cleaning the closet so I can pick up the dry side. I’ll be reorganizing some of the shelves to fit fabric better and hopefully fit a little more stuff in. 🙂

Here are some pictures of where I started. Hopefully this week I will finish the cleanup and can post some pictures of a cleaner and more functional studio.
Messy StudioMessy StudioMessy StudioMessy Studio

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