Busy, Busy, Busy….

This week was a very busy week in the studio. I finished putting the border on the heart quilt and presented it to our friend. I am happy to say that it was very well received.

I also volunteered to do a demo at club last Saturday. I have something I call a thread catcher that I enjoy making. There are many commercial versions available, but I like mine because it holds a paper lunch sack. That makes it very easy to empty and keeps the fabric nice and clean. I updated my instructions for how I am currently making. Them I made 3 samples each finished to a different stage, so that they wouldn’t have to watch me complete every step entirely. Watching someone sew multiple seams is never that much fun. I had fun and the project was well received.Thread Catcher

I also finished the last of the Wedding pieces. I made table numbers and Place Cards. I will have to talk a new picture of all of the pieces.

My last project for the week was a purse for my sister-in-law. When friends or family get married I put together an emergency kit of things the bridal party might need for the day. Each time I put one together I make a bag or container to put everything in. This time I made a reversible purse. The wedding colors are green and yellow, so one side is green fabrics and the other side are yellow fabrics. I created a polymer clay button to act as a weight on the purse flap.


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