Lost Art

Sometimes trying to be careful is not in my best interest. I mailed the honey jar labels to my sil for her wedding. That way she could get a start on putting the labels on the jars before I arrived. I decided that the place setting cards and table numbers where too important to mail and I would hand carry them.

That was a big mistake. Unfortunately, I put them in my planner. On my first airline flight of the day I put my planner in the seat pocket in front of me……

One should never put things in the seat pocket. You forget about them. Yep I forgot about it.  I got to my in-laws house without my planner and without the table numbers and place setting cards.

Luckly I had my computer with me that had the electronic files. This would give me the basic design. I wouldn’t be able to embellish them the same as the originals, but only the bride and I would know that. Today was the day to go to the only craft stores within a two hour drive, Walmart and Ben Franklins. I was able to purchase a cardstock, cutting mat, metal ruler and craft knife to print and cut the table number cards. Now what to do about the place setting cards.

Originally they were to be a tag that we attached to the honey jars with a ribbon. This would allow us room to hand write each name on the tags. Now that the wedding was just days away and the seating chart finalized we could redesign the cards to attach to the top of the jar. The small circle didn’t allow enough space to hand write names, but was perfect for computer generated text. Walmart provided me with yet another pair of one of my favorite detail cutting scissors (Fiskers #5 Microtip scissors). I spent the next day carefully cutting each circle out by hand. This would not have bothered me so much if I didn’t have the perfect punch sitting at home that I had searched all over for, for this very purpose. It was put in the punch drawer when we decided that it wouldn’t be big enough for the labels. Live and learn. 🙂

Alls well that ends well. The labels turned out great. Everyone loved them and the bride was happy.

Honey Jars

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