Mom Visits and Quilts

My mom came to visit this week. She is a new quilter. This summer when I visited her, I helped her pick out fabrics for 2 quilts. We picked out a simple pattern  for her to be able to complete them on her own.

She decided that she would rather work on them together. So she filled a suitcase with all the fabric and hopped on a plane.

The pattern called for fat quarters, but the store we were purchasing fabric from for the first quilt didn’t have fat quarters of what she wanted so we calculated yardage. I must have been tired because I calculated five eighths of a yard of each fabric and we really only need three eighths.

That means that we had enough of the block fabrics to make 2 quilts. I am making charity quilts for the fire victims, so she donated the fabric to me to make one for the cause.

We got the first quilt top completed while she was here. The second quilt top just needs to have the squares sewn together and the border put on.

I will have to have her take a couple of pictures of them because we ran out of time and I didn’t get any photos.

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