Quilts for Fire Victims

A friend a mine in southern California put out a call for quilts. Her house was spared in last months fires, but many of her neighbors homes were not. I took the leftovers from Mom’s quilt and made another lap size quilt. When I was done, I still had 12 blocks left over. I decided to make a baby size quilt with those. I found enough blue fabric lying around, that coordinated with the other fabrics, to make a border. I had two quilt tops in the closet that I had never completed. One was left over from a class and the other was a mystery quilt. I scrounged through the closet for coordinating fabric for these 3 small pieces. I didn’t have enough of any one fabric, but with some simple piecing I was able to make backs for all 3 of the smaller quilts from my stash. I did some simple quilting and was able to get these done in the last week. I still need to quilt the largest one, but I am happy with this weeks progress.

Lap size Blue QuiltBaby size Blue QuiltSmall Yellow QuiltSmall Star quilt

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