Package Pillows

In 2004 I appeared on a Carol Duvall Christmas special and presented my package pillows. These are pillows that I created in the shape of packages that I put under my Christmas tree each year. I usually make them out of scraps of fabric that I have lying around. Basic instructions for the pillows can be found on my website. After the show appeared, I had every intension of making pillows for my family, but always seemed to run out of time. Last year, I was able to put together several pillows for my mom and sister, but then ran out of scraps. So, the day after Christmas my dh and I braved the crowds to hit JoAnn’s for their after Christmas fabric sales. We picked out 5 fabrics to use for pillows for his parents and sisters. I spent the next several days cutting and sewing pillows. I even when so far as to stuff a bunch, but unfortunately, that is were the progress ended.

December 2007 rolls around and I say, let me just pull out those pillows and pop them in boxes for gifts this year…. Oops, I forgot, I didn’t actually finish them. Now we are on a mad dash. I know if I don’t get them done this year, they will just get pushed into a corner and not be seen again for another year.

With a little bit of late night sewing and packaging help from dh, all the boxes when out in time for Christmas delivery, or at least close. 🙂

Package PillowsSanta Pillow

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