New Tote Bag

Purple Tote FrontMy mom had been teasing me that she wanted the polka dot tote that I made last summer, so I gave it to her. I loved the tote. It was a great size, but I wanted one made of my fabrics. I knew as long as I had the other one, I would never get around to making one to replace it.

I was attending the Ricky Tims Seminar and decided that I really needed that tote to carry my materials, snacks, water and an umbrella. So, 2 days before the class I set out to make a new Professional Tote.

I went through my stash of hand dyed fabric to find large enough pieces that would coordinate with each other. I didn’t have anything as big as what the pattern called for so I started breaking up the pattern pieces into smaller groups. I ended up using 4 different fabrics. The most noticeable difference I made was to make all of the outside pockets out of different fabric than the outer fabric. I think it added a lot of interest to the bag.

I also decided that for this one, I wouldn’t include the middle pocket on the inside of the tote. It seemed I always wanted to put something in the bag that was wider than one side of the tote. Of course, for the seminar, we had a lot of paper, having the center pocket would have been very nice…. No problem, I’ll just make another one with a center pocket.

The bag worked great for the seminar. I was very pleased that I stayed up late the night before the seminar to finish it.

Purple Tote BackPurple Tote InsidePurple Tote Inside Pencil

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