BOM Finished

BOM Finished QuiltWell, It has taken almost a year, but the BOM that I finished the blocks on last March is finally completed. I have set a goal for this March to finish 4 projects. I have quite a few unfinished projects in my closet that are all more than a year old and that is just not my style. I finished several a few months back when I was working on the charity quilts, now I can cross one more off my list.

I used my hand dyed fabrics for all of the blue and green fabric in the quilt. The black was a very low quality black on black fabric from a chain store. I really liked the design on the fabric, but I will never purchase that grade of fabric again. It was horrible to work with. It stretched with every opportunity. I used liberal amounts of spray starch, which did help, but it was no match for poor fabric.

I decided to set the blocks off center from each other, since matching seams with this fabric was such a chore. I also decided to sprinkle a one inch square of each of the colors used in the quilt around the outside border. I think it adds a fun touch.

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