A different type of Art

A little Color for the GardenWe have spent the last several years trying to improve our landscaping. Back in January we decided to give ourselves a deadline to help keep us motivated. This project has taken a lot of time from our evenings and weekends over the last 4 years, but it has been very satisfying.

Our deadline was Memorial Day. As the day was approaching and we were getting tired we decided to invite a few friends over for a bbq to give us the extra motivation we needed to finish all the little details. Things like cleaning the deck and sidewalks of years of dirt and mud. I am happy to say that we made our deadline and are thrilled with the results. Now we get to see how green our thumbs are.

The last picture is of the fountain we intend to build. It consists of a flower pot, a piece of slate, a gazing ball and a pond enclosure that you can’t see buried in the dirt. With any luck, we will be able to figure out a way to get the water from the pond enclosure to the top of the ball without too much trouble.

If you want to see more about this project, you can visit my family blog.

Right side of Front Yard Back Yard Middle Bed Fountain of Fun

One thought on “A different type of Art

  1. I am Reena one of ther maryloonies- I love yard work too and yours looks great! It is well worth all that effort even in satisfaction alone. Where do you live? I’m in San Diego in a condo but it is a small complex and i can dig everywhere I want and have the landscape guy for big stuff.
    Love your dyed fabrics- they really look fabulous.
    You know I am trying to lose weight as well- I like the Kashi Go Lean for breakfast. It is easy and has a lot of protein and fiber and low sugar. Your spinach recipe looks good. But I am too lazy to cook it- tho maybe for a special occasion… I go walking on the beach and now taking yoga which I love. I’m retired which has relieved a LOT of stress which I thought would translate to weight loss right there but no. The struggle continues… OK well Miss Julie B I will look forward to more postings from you. Glad you are on the site. I am sewing my brains out getting ready for the quilt show- selling mostly and 1 to just exhibit. I am not posting or even reading much these days. Good luck with all your adventures! Reena SD CA

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