Yet Another Tote

Bag FrontI had a couple of friends that wanted to learn to make the Professional Tote. We set a date to meet to make the totes. We prepared for our meeting by cutting out our fabrics and fusing the interfacing before our get together.

We got together from about 10 to 3 the first day and were able to get the outside of the bags done. On our second day we each finished our bags. We all left out the center pocket, but 2 of us created a pocket that we can put in or take out of the bag. I originally was planning to put in the center pocket, but changed my mind at the last minute. Since I had already created the pocket I  just put on a binding to cover the raw edges instead of sewing it into the bag.

For this bag I started with white on white and black & white fabric that I dyed. This created some fun fabrics to work with. I also used 3 different fabrics for the exterior of the bag. I find it fun to make some of the pockets an accent color.

Raw FabricBag FrontBag BackBag Inside

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