Playing with Colors

Today is when the fun starts. I laid out of the fabric and started to add and remove pieces until I found the combination that I liked. I decided on 14 colors to expand my quilt to queen size. In playing with the fabric I also decided that I didn’t like the gray fabric at all for the thin inner border. It was very dirty looking next to the bright yellow and greens.

I forgot to mention in my dyeing posts that my yellow accent fabric and my green outer border fabric is a white-on-white dot pattern. I like to overdye white-on-white fabrics because you get interesting results. The front is usually very high contrast and the back is very subtle.

Here is a sample of the green fabric on the front and back.

Green Front Green Back

Once I decided on which greens I wanted to use I layed out the yellow accent fabric and the green border fabric. Once with the bold side up and once with the subtle side up. I decided that since my gradations were so subtle, my accents should be more subtle also. What would you have picked?

Bold RunSubtle Run

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