A New Day, A New Floor


For those who have been in the studio and even just those who have read the blog, it is apparent that light colored carpet was a very bad flooring choice for the studio. I have been considering my options.

The studio is the original 1930’s garage for the house, so is just an oil stained concrete floor beneath the carpet. One option would be to just clean and paint the floor and call it good. Easy maintenance, but a big bummer on the legs and back when standing to cut or dye fabric.

Option 2 is to get some kind of laminate. Options are more limited in this front, since I don’t want to install a sub-floor. This also is a problem because of the unexplained water that comes in near the sliding door when we get a blowing rain from the south. Not an unusual occurrence in the winter. We have made some strides in reducing the flow, but still haven’t gotten it stopped. We removed the carpet several years ago and installed some 2×2 plastic backed sub floor tiles that I remove when it rains hard and replace with Sham Wow towels. This works, but means that any new flooring option needs to be waterproof or removable until we get the water issue solved

Option 3 is to install those 2×2 sub floor tiles in the whole room. They are tongue and groove so they would be easy to install, but they are very pricey. They are raised plastic backed so water can flow under them.

The final option has turned out to be a winner. Very inexpensive, easy to install, easy to clean and easy to remove if large amounts of water spill or come in. What is this mystery material you ask? That would be anti fatigue mats that go together like puzzle pieces. They are easy to cut with a utility knife or scissors, they are gray, so they won’t show stains as easily, and I can buy an 8 pack at Costco for about $10. What a steal.

Paper Crafting supplies piled on the sewing side of the studio

Paper Crafting supplies piled on the sewing side of the studio

I decided to tackle the room one half at a time starting with the sewing half. I moved the bookcase and all of the storage bins to the crafting side of the room. I moved the tables and chairs outside. Gotta love that I can count on no rain this time of year.

Sewing supplies condensed into on corner of the room

Sewing supplies condensed into on corner of the room

It was a fairly quick process to do this half of the room. Most of the items are in large bins that can be moved without emptying. That was a huge time saver.

Moving the paper crafting side was a lot more work. Shelves of paper and stamps are very heavy and required emptying before they could be moved. There are lots of small items on this side of the room. But in the end, everything made it to the sewing side of the room so I could get the carpet out and the new floor down.

Interlocking floor tiles

Interlocking floor tiles

As each side was emptied, the carpet and padding was pulled up, tack strips removed, and concrete patched. Once the carpet was up, it was time to get rid of it. Freecycle to the rescue. A single post to the list, provided 4 takers in less than 12 hours. Then the new floor was put in place. It went down in no time. Super easy to cut to size and fit together.

Now that it is done, I am very happy with the results and how it is working.

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