A New Day, A New Floor


For those who have been in the studio and even just those who have read the blog, it is apparent that light colored carpet was a very bad flooring choice for the studio. I have been considering my options.

The studio is the original 1930’s garage for the house, so is just an oil stained concrete floor beneath the carpet. One option would be to just clean and paint the floor and call it good. Easy maintenance, but a big bummer on the legs and back when standing to cut or dye fabric.

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New Purse

Blue Energy PurseI leave tomorrow for a trip to my cousins wedding. Unfortunately last week my purse started to fall apart. I have been wanting to make one for myself so I looked through my patterns to see what would work. I settled on a pattern from a book called Quilted Bags & Purses by Mary Jo Hiney. I used fabric that I had left over from other dyeing projects so I was able to put the bag together in a couple of days. It would have been faster, but the author and I didn’t see eye to eye on the instructions. There were several places that I just could not figure out what she was talking about. Thankfully I was able to complete the bag and I am happy with the results.

I changed a couple of things when I made it this time and if I make another one I will change several more things. I love pockets, but this one has back to back pockets that don’t seem to work for me. If I put items in the outside pockets there really isn’t space for items in the inside pockets.

Braided Quilt and Bonus Notepad Folio

quilt_crop.jpgFinally got a picture of the in progress braided Quilt. It is now all pieced. I am pretty pleased with how it is shaping up. I am still trying to decide what material I will use for the backing and my quilting design. I also had some leftover fabric from the quilt that I decided to try out on a Notepad Folio pattern I picked up. The Note Taker Pattern by Pink Chalk Studio was fun to make and really gives a professional appearance.

I decided that my Note Taker cover was a little boring so I pieced a few extra pieces of fabric to the cover to add some interest. I also added a polymer clay button that I created to coordinate with the fabric.

These are some quick photos taken at my recent Guild meeting.

French Braid QuiltNote Taker CoverInside of Note Taker

Another Tote

kd’s toteI have made yet another Professional Tote. This tote was made for a good friend. I used one of my hand dyed fabrics for the main body and I used a commercial black and white cat fabric that I dyed to coordinate for the accent fabric. I left the center pocket out of this bag so that she could use it as a carry-on for her summer trip. I really love this pattern. This is the third one I have made. It is not a fast bag, but it is so functional when completed.

Productive Week

TableclothLast week was a productive week for projects. On Sunday we had an Easter dinner for some of our friends. We needed to have room to seat 11 people. Our dining room table seats 4. This proved to be a small problem. A six foot banquet table and 3 sheets of plywood, joined together with our existing table, created a 12 foot long table, no more problem. Continue reading

New Tote Bag

Purple Tote FrontMy mom had been teasing me that she wanted the polka dot tote that I made last summer, so I gave it to her. I loved the tote. It was a great size, but I wanted one made of my fabrics. I knew as long as I had the other one, I would never get around to making one to replace it.

I was attending the Ricky Tims Seminar and decided that I really needed that tote to carry my materials, snacks, water and an umbrella. So, 2 days before the class I set out to make a new Professional Tote.

I went through my stash of hand dyed fabric to find large enough pieces that would coordinate with each other. I didn’t have anything as big as what the pattern called for so I started breaking up the pattern pieces into smaller groups. I ended up using 4 different fabrics. The most noticeable difference I made was to make all of the outside pockets out of different fabric than the outer fabric. I think it added a lot of interest to the bag.

I also decided that for this one, I wouldn’t include the middle pocket on the inside of the tote. It seemed I always wanted to put something in the bag that was wider than one side of the tote. Of course, for the seminar, we had a lot of paper, having the center pocket would have been very nice…. No problem, I’ll just make another one with a center pocket.

The bag worked great for the seminar. I was very pleased that I stayed up late the night before the seminar to finish it.

Purple Tote BackPurple Tote InsidePurple Tote Inside Pencil