It really did get clean

I am very late to post my update, but I did get my room cleaned up. Of course it has been messed up and cleaned several times since this picture was taken and could use another pickup. Especially in the often neglected closet. Just in case there are some doubters, I took the following pictures on January 14.


Right of the Door


Sewing Area

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A New Years Mess


Left of the door

Left of the door

December was a very busy month in the studio. I had to complete 4 photo memory Christmas trees and a baby quilt before I could start on my Christmas cards. Since December is also the month of deliveries, several needing signatures, I also needed to spend a bunch of time in the house. The result was a quilt room in chaos and a family room not much better. Continue reading

It’s been far too long

I was reminded last night how much I have been neglecting my blog.

I have been busy the last couple of months on some surprise Christmas gifts. They seem to be taking me a lot longer to finish than I had thought that they would.

Unfortunately that means that I haven’t been working on other projects like Christmas cards and a baby shower gift.

I am hopeful for a very productive next couple of days…. We will see.

Sunny Braid Finished

Sunny BraidI challenged myself to finish my braid quilt in time for the SCVQA quilt show. I knew that I would put off quilting this one if I didn’t have a deadline. The quilt show seemed like the perfect opportunity to give me that deadline. I thought the quilt lent itself to a fairly easy choice for a quilt pattern, even on my standard domestic machine.

I decided to follow the zig zag patter of the braid across the quilt. I started with the middle row and quilted from one side of the quilt to the other. I then worked my way to the top and bottom of the quilt by quilting every 4th row. By only quilting every forth row I got the layers sabilized more quickly and it enabled me to give up sooner, if I ran into a lot of problems. I can’t say that I was super speedy, but it really wasn’t difficult. I was able to use my walking foot, since it was straight lines, so it wasn’t stressful at all. I ended up quilting every other row. At the top and bottom border I just continued the same quilting pattern.

I’m happy to say it is complete and it looks great in the guest bedroom.

Comfort Pillow

Comfort Pillow

Comfort Pillow

Bill’s Grandmother fell and broke her knee this week. She is going to have to spend several weeks in rehab. While Bill and I love being out here, it is really hard at times like this, to be away from family. We really wanted to do something to let her know that we were thinking of her. I thought about different things I could make for her room to brighten it up, but in the end we decided that a colorful pillow would be the best choice. Thankfully I had a stash of flannel to use but I needed a pillow. I made a quick trip to the fabric store, but would you believe that they were out. Thankfully Michaels was right down the street and they had just what I was looking for.

I sketched out my design and starting cutting fabric. I decided to put the heart on with a fringed edge so that I didn’t have to worry about fraying flannel applique. I’m not sure that I loved how that came out, but it worked for this project.

Update: Grandma is out of the hospital and doing well. Our hug from California was a huge success. If you know someone who is going into the hospital I highly recommend something like this to let them know you are thinking of them, even when you can not be there.

Curtains are Finally Finished

Finished CurtainsI am happy to say that I finally completed all of the curtains. I made minor changes after the first set, but then they went pretty smoothly once I got the process down. The most difficult part was trying to find a surface large enough to do my cutting on. I ended up using my cutting table with my ironing board at one end to make it longer. I also ended up taking several rulers together to give me one long enough to make my cuts.

Curtains Before ModificationMaking the rulers work

How to change 3 – 40″ curtain panels into 2 – 55″ curtain panels

The purchased curtain panels are each 40 inches wide. That means we need 3 curtain panels for each window. The new border fabric we purchased is 55 inches wide. I now have two choices, waste 15 inches of fabric on each strip of border fabric or reassemble the purchased curtains to be 55 inches wide. I hate to waste fabric so I went for the reassembly. The first step is to take one of the 3 panels and cut it into 4 pieces. Then I take 2 of the pieces and sew them to each side of a full size panel. This will give me a panel that is 55 inches wide. Repeat the process until you have 8 new panels.

Cut the new panels to length and then sew on the border fabric. Now you have new curtains with lots of seams. Not too lovely from the back, even if you do make nice finished seams.

I have decided to take the easy way out, and Bill wanted the room a little darker, so I will be lining the panels. This will allow me to hide the seams and block out more light, and give a little more insulating protection.